Symptom: Burning, pulling, pain along a line 

Warning: Stay away from heat or electric stim.

Herniated Triggerpoint: 

Symptom: ache, pinching, or catching

Problem: Tissue is protruding through a rupture in a layer of fascia.

Warning: HTPs are permanent without treatment.


Symptom: a specific spot of pain on a bone

Problem: sudden movement disrupts the fascia's fluid connection to the bone


Symptom: deep ache in the joint that feels like it restricts movement but, when tested, range of motion is normal.

Problem: accordion-like fascia gets stuck after opening or closing too far. 

Warning: distortion is permanent if not treated. 


Symptom: bizarre symptoms such as pain that fluctuates or jumps from one area to another, numbness, tingling, tremor, impression of swelling.

Problem: coiled fascia under the skin gets tangled.

Warning: conventional physician may refer patient to a psychiatrist. 

Tectonic Fixation:

Symptoms: Joint that won't move.

Problem: fascial layers are stuck to each other and not gliding.